[EN] Chess – learning challenge vol. 2

July 2021

What a month that was. After a stormy may, june brought much anticipated settling down. I’ve managed to climb even higher on rating, and not falled below the treshold that I’ve set. I’ve played a lot, quite accurate, but slowly. Due to time problems – some of the games were lost.

Trainings bring expected results, which I do as regulary, as I can. I’ve learned some neat, new openings. I move faster, and am quicker to find tactical positions seen previously during puzzles.

Undoubtedly, my morale haven risen greatly after visiting IT chess club in Cracow. This of course came with playing offline for the first time!

In June:
Games played: 243 (+3 offline)
Games won: 117
Winning percentage: 48.14%

August 2021

July – this month, in the process of learning chess, will be written with golden letters in my journal. After great June, July happened to be even better. It was the single best month since starting the challenge – and this is sevent note on this topic already. I’ve managed to surpass my highest rating by a 90 points!

Comparing to other months – I’ve improved my strategy. The puzzles that I’ve been practising, pay off. I’ ve also managed to play faster. There were almost to games that were lost due to time management.

In july, due to personal matters, I’ve played less, and consequently practised less.

In july:
Games played: 128
Games won: 61
Winning percentage: 47.66%

September 2021

August – the most holiday month of the year. And so it was regarding chess. After previously announced success, and increased activity, I’ve had to chill out for a moment. It was probably the most silent month in this challenge.

As a matter of fact, this note marks 2/3 of the challenge done – it’s already a eighth note. I’ve decided it was the time to change the design of my posts. I’ve purchased a brand new logo for my needs. I feel great satisfaction by looking at it, and I think that it will stay with me for the years to come.

The logo was created by very talented UI Designer Katarzyna Dobrowolska. I pretty confident that is not the last work that I’ve ordered from the designer.

In August:
Games played: 58
Games won: 21
Winning percentage: 36%

October 2021

September was a month centered around ‘offline’ play.

Taking advantage of last warm days of the year – I’ve decided to move my games from the internet, into the offline world. Three times, I’ve been to the IT chess club in Cracow. I’ve played over the board during company gatherings. I’ve also played in 16th edition of ‘Szachy na lekkim rauszu’ – the format introduced by Piotr Kaim, polish chess master. Chess was never this fun. Winning the game in last seconds really drives the adrenalline up! Altogether, I’ve played seventeen games offline.

Spending a lot of time for offline play, I’ve not managed to throw in as much time for trainings and online play. Summing everything up, I’ve ended with 62 games, of which I’ve won 34. Forecasting freeze in upcoming weeks – I’m pretty sure that I’ll double down on the internet play in the last quarter of the challenge.

November 2021

Summary of october in chess:
It is with great pleasure, to announce that I’ve climbed the rating once again. I’ve bested my previous personal best by … a single point. I didn’t anticipate that I’ll ever surpass the previous 1393, but here we are.

In october, I’ve taken part in two offline tournaments, one in IT chess club in Cracow, the other one during 17th installment of ‘Szachy na lekkim rauszu’.

In October, online:
Games played: 62
Games won: 31
Winning percentage: 50%, an ideal balance for the first time during the challenge!

In October, offline:
Two tournaments, 5 rounds each
IT chess club: 2 wins, a draw, 2 loses
17th szachy na lekkim rauszu: 3 wins, 2 loses

I’ve had a terrific time – I can not wait for new opportunities to play chess!

December 2021

Chess year: persistence, hard work, discipline.

Twelve months of learning chess from beginner, are done! This years challenge was officially finished on 26th of november – now it is the time to sum the experience.

As it is a anniversary – I went a little over the board (pun intended!) with the celebration, and prepared a installation visible in the picture. twelve pages, around one thousad hours spent on learning, playing, training, driving to IT chess club and tournaments. During this time there were moments in which I was losing motivation. After each of thsoe moments, a moment of joy happened – climbing to 1200, 1300, 1400, first tournament offline.

Finally, the challenge was completed. Here are some stats:
Highest rating: 1488
Games played: 1474
Games won: 718
Tournaments: 4

In this very special moment, I’d like to thank each person that played with me! Huge thanks to: Kasia, Lukasz, Aleksei, Ievgen, Irek, Marcin, Marlena, Anton, Sylwia, Krzysztof – You rock!

Was it worth it? Of course it was. I’ve put a lot of work, improved my work methodologies, strenghtened will and mind. In 2020 I’ve tried to solve hard sudoku fast, in 2021 to learn chess. What will I do in 2022? I’ve not yet decided, but I’ll be sure to inform you about it on Linkedin (and blog!).

“When you see a good move, look for a better one.” – Emanuel Lasker

Summary of 2021